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High Risk Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant Account Credit Card and Check Processing Services

HRMerchant.ws offers high risk merchant accounts and payment processing services to all types of high risk merchants.

We are a Merchant Services provider and Independent Broker of high risk payment processing services including billing, gateway, echecks, check21, and credit card payment processing services.

We do not charge any advance fees for our services and follow strict standards when evaluating potential merchant clients for their eligibility to obtain a high risk merchant account, including pre-screening and consulting services geared to assist the merchant in successfully obtaining a merchant payment processing service agreement with one or more certified payment processors.

Is your business classified as “High Risk”?   Businesses may be classified as high risk for many different reasons. High Risk Merchant (www.hrmerchant.ws)  specializes in High Risk Merchant Accounts, High Volume Merchant Accounts, and Offshore Merchant Accounts.

Certain industries are notorious for chargebacks, higher customer complaints, and other related circumstances which increase the risk and cost of processing transactions. These industry segments are usually deemed undesirable by most processors, and as such, usually demand a High Risk Merchant Account in order to obtain credit card processing services. All credit card merchants need to focus on customer service & provide outstanding customer satisfaction to avoid problems with excessive chargebacks, and in doing so, you will increase your business credit rating over time.

We offer high risk merchant account payment processing services for all merchant business types. Apply now online for a high risk merchant account.

We offer High Risk Merchant Account payment processing services for a variety of High Risk business types.

High Risk Merchant Accounts can includemail order, telephone order, ecigs, adult industry, adult toys, adult DVD’s & videos, direct marketing industry, dating services, online dating, escort services, outcall services, travel, telecom, timeshares industry, herbal supplements, diet programs, subscription services, membership services, membership clubs, ticket sales, MLM merchant accounts, multi-level marketing merchants, bail bonds, pawn shops, water filtration systems sales

To better assist you with obtaining the ideal high risk merchant account payment processing solution geared to your specific business type, we ask that you fill out the pre-application online that provides us with the minimum required  information that our staff of professional merchant service agents will need to evaluate your current situation, and further assist you with the full application.

From our experience in the high risk merchant services industry, we find this to be the most effective method of assigning your account to the properly equipped staff members who will be able to assist you most effectively in securing approval of your high risk merchant application.


Secure High Risk Merchant Account payment processing services. High Risk Merchant Accounts provider and High Risk Merchant Account Processors.

Secure High Risk Merchant Account payment processing services.

We work with a diverse group of independent sales agents and service brokers, as well as multiple payment processors in the US, EU, Canada and Asia Pacific jurisdictions, that can provide merchants with a variety of custom solutions as well as other services such as currency conversion, company registration services, international merchant account services and payment gateways. We specialize in High Risk Merchant Account payment processing solutions including credit cards, ACH, e-checks and Check21.

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