High Risk Merchant Business Categories

Business Types Accepted - High Risk Merchant Account - Where to apply for a high risk merchant account.
Business Types Accepted – High Risk Merchant Account

What is considered a High Risk Business Type ?

A high risk merchant is typically a business operating within an industry that is associated with higher than usual levels of credit risk, regulatory risk, reputational risk, or other types of risk as perceived by financial institutions and payment processors. Some industries may also be considered high risk due to a higher chance of chargebacks or fraud.

The list of high risk merchant business types can vary based on the financial institution or payment processor, but below are some commonly recognized ones that we accept for credit card and crypto payment processing:

  1. Online Gambling and Casinos
  2. Adult Entertainment and Products
  3. Travel Agencies and Services
  4. Airlines and Charter Services
  5. Drug Stores and Pharmacies
  6. Cannabis Dispensaries and Related Businesses
  7. Cryptocurrency Trading and Funding Solutions
  8. Debt Collection and Credit Repair
  9. Firearms and Ammunition Dealers
  10. Online Gaming and Digital Goods
  11. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies
  12. Online Dating Services
  13. Telemarketing Companies
  14. E-cigarette and Vaping Stores
  15. Pawn Shops
  16. Alcohol and Liquor Stores
  17. Bail Bonds Services
  18. Financial Services, especially those involved in high-risk loans or investment schemes
  19. Auction Houses, (especially online ones)
  20. Telecommunications
  21. Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, and other Stored Value Products
  22. Subscription-Based Services, (particularly those with recurring billing)
  23. Software and E-Book Sellers
  24. SEO and SEM Services
  25. Ticket Brokers
  26. Timeshares
  27. Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements
  28. Payday Loan Services
  29. Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription Merchants
  30. Online Retailers selling high-value electronics or designer products

Keep in mind that just because a business is classified as high risk does not mean it’s illegal or unethical. It simply means that banks and credit card processors consider these types of businesses to carry more risk due to a variety of factors, which can include high transaction volumes, potential legal issues, or a higher likelihood of chargebacks.

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